Thursday, December 27, 2007

If it's the last thing I do ...

I'm going to post this.

Been to Texas and back. I sat in the hammock thinking about how cold it must be in Indiana and how warm and toasty I was feeling sitting in my short sleeved shirt reading a book. But I must admit that it was nice to get home, chill and all.

Once home, we had a wonderful time with our own brand of gift-giving around the tree. Our family with its quirky sense of humor is heavy on mysterious gift labels and gag gifts. I was given toe warmers, others got a children's pirate book, bubbles, remote helicopters, silly string, and a squishy glowing ball. One of the best parts of our Christmas was having a dear friend join us for our gift time, and later in the day, some other friends dropped by to exchange more gifts and gab. Christmas is the perfect time to reaffirm how others are connected to our lives. In the kingdom of Christ, this is pretty natural. And it should be.

Hope you are all having the best of days relaxing with family and friends, resting from normal busyness, and reflecting on eternity. May the Lord bless you in the coming year.

Monday, December 17, 2007


How's about this?

You'd think I'd died or somethin ... and all I did was go back to college after 22 years. Well, let me take a moment to wish you all greetings and inquire about your health.

I have been a very bad blogger, but a good student and teacher and tutor and wife and mother and friend. Or you better ask others about that, but that's what I shoot for anyway.

This morning I wrapped more presents, now I'm listening to Relient K come out of Ben's compy while I type. Relient K kinda grows on me ... strange.

I got a penguin photo holder @ the ladies' white elephant party and my hubby put a message in the penguine's holder. Oh well you'll just have to see for yourself ...

I've been bad. Because its rumored that I'm getting a camera for Christmas and I'm "borrowing" it for a while before, and heck, during Christmas to snap away. Here's some of my handywork:

First there's Canny's birthday:

Ben gave her a bubble machine. Anyone who knows Canny knows this made her very happy.

And when Candace is happy, Amy and Ben are happy:

Guess who's toes:

I prefer to wear socks. That's me - can't you tell?

And finally, Ben, when he had hair: