Thursday, September 06, 2007

My brain is toast

Been in the writing lab for 3 hrs and 45 mins. Answered grammar and usage questions. Read dutifully about evolution nonsense, and pscho mumbo-jumbo. Now I deflate. Good for nothing but to be a pleasant grinning, blurry-eyed companion. Nothing to add to a conversation but incoherent ramblings.

Still, life is good. Completed my third week of college; taught my first week of SCA classes; tutored 15 hrs here at the Information Emporium (uh, the library); and started tutoring my two ten yr old tutees. (note alliteration)

Wish I had brought my bible. Wonder if they have a bible in this place? (note to self: put that little bible in backpack)

Meeting lots of new people, learning lots. Some good, some not so good. Glad there's life outside acedemia.

Still rather be at home. The Lord stretches me. Looking forward to walking with a friend tonight. Relish human contact with like-minded people.

Hubby's good. He works a lot too. We keep an eye on each other to make sure we don't stretch too thin. If you look at somebody and they're really not there. You know ... you can see right through them ... well, you need to pull 'em back and ball them all up and make them opaque again.

So be on the look-out for those transparent people out there.

Good talking with you.