Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pull up an armchair let's drink to success

Digging through old photos preparing for Amy's graduation has made me realize that my little barista's about to graduate from high school.

From the very start, she was adorable...

Now she's all grown up ...

Sorry, A, I couldn't resist.
Luv, Mum

Monday, April 16, 2007

This week's western civ quote

After the Allies were victorious over Hitler in WW2, Churchill and Stalin were chummy. They discussed the postwar spheres of influence of a bunch of sovereign countries, and jotted their thoughts down on a scrap of paper.

Win remarked to Joe, "Might it not be thought rather cynical if it seemed we had disposed of these issues, so fateful to millions of people, in such an off-hand manner? Let us burn the paper”.

Then Joe unconcerned about public opinion responded, “No, you keep it.”

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Life is all about ...

I was talking to a friend on the phone yesterday philosophizing big time and I told her that the conversation would make great blog material and she laughed and said that she was honored to be hearing it first before it goes public.

But now 16 hours later since I can't remember a whip of what we were talking about, I'll just give you this week's list:

  1. this morning it's cold as a freezer - (it snowed yesterday for crying-out-loud!)
  2. my African violets look pretty now with the sun shinning on them
  3. I watched our squirrel wake up and stretch and scratch himself
  4. my daughters have both been sick
  5. I went to Harvey Hinklemires and only ate one brownie
  6. Ben and I are reading Proverbs
  7. Hebrews has been quite a blessing, too
  8. I worked on grad preparations for my high school daughter and my college son
  9. I ironed and watched some 20 year olds play a board game with some pre-teens
  10. I edited a paper twice without a brain
  11. did I say I haven't had a brain this week (yeah, I think I did)
Breakfast calls - I love you all still (you know who you are) ... at least I still have a heart. :-)