Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Our winter vacation dubbed: Cool Beans

Well, we knew Rob's mom and Josh would be coming up from Texas to visit right after Christmas so we planned a trip. Let's see. We've never been up this way before (the Mid-West, that is). What MUST we see while we're in the neighborhood? Why of course ... Niagara Falls! And while we're going in that direction why not just zip over to the northeastern seaboard?

That's how the Cool Beans trip started. Then hours later after much research and staring at maps, we headed north and east.

First Day: Niagara Falls or bust. The Falls were beautiful and ... cold. We snapped many photos from the cold sidewalk. Peered over the cold railings. And watched the cold seagulls fly around the cold swirling water at the bottom. I imagined that a frightfully strong undertow must exist down there and shuttered to think of anyone's fate should they fall into those waters. Such power in that unstoppable motion. We didn't have to fight the crowds because it was (have I mentioned?) cold.

Second Day: We woke up in the middle of New York State having covered many miles before we’d slept. I had always heard about the beauty of the state of New York and I can say that I was impressed. Of course, I always have liked the mountainous views.

We arrived on the coast of Maine in the early afternoon. The afternoon was crystal clean and we went bouldering. It's the latest sport, you aughta try it. The air was cool, the ocean was in and out, the boulders were plenteous, and the lighthouse was in the background - what more could you want?

Third Day: Woke up in Maine and drove to Boston. This was to be our big city day. We strolled the three mile Freedom Trails Walk through historic downtown Boston. Our walk began in the Boston Commons and led us by the State House, the Old Meeting House, the Old North Church, Paul Revere's House, and the site of the Boston Massacre among other places. We also saw the USS Constitution "Old Ironsides" in Boston Harbor. We procured a coffee cup, a fridge magnet, and a box of tea (of which I felt a small pang of guilt. Weren't we supposed to boycott the tea, or something?)

Being uncomfortable with big city driving, the twisted drive out of Boston tested our nerves, but we somehow managed to arrive safely at our local hotel.

Fourth Day: With the nose turned toward the land of the Hoosiers, we drove. A couple of things to point out here. We rented a big seven passenger van for the trip. Our rolling house during the day accommodated our need for constant snacks and for making frequent pit stops.

Since it was also equipped with a CD player, Canny and I had stopped off at the Kokomo library beforehand to check out some CD books. Phantom of the Opera was voted the Cool Beans novel. So by Day Four, the book was into heavy-duty mystery and intrigue. :: hesitates :: Okay, okay, I’ll just come right out and say it. It was getting scary. Not that I’m the timid type. I’m not the type that still walks quickly through a dark room, or checks behind a door … just to make sure, or jumps at strange noises. Oh no, not me.

Our big stop of the day was to take a walk in the Pennsylvania woods. This detour turned out to be my favorite outing of the whole trip. Isn’t it funny when a simple walk with your family can bring more joy and pleasure than famous places and planned events?

Fifth Day: Driving, driving, driving. We finished up the Phantom, visited with one another and stared out the windows. Everyone knew that our time of holiday life was coming to an end. Each of us would soon be back in the real world of work and school. But we had shared a special time together. We had enjoyed each other’s company. Not a bad way to spend a vacation.


Abigail said...

now THAT sounds like a great trip! I am especially jealous about maine...I have always wanted to go ( and the pictures made it even MORE of a must for the future!)....

Shiloh said...

I know what you mean, I'd like to go to New Zealand someday!

Megan said...

Yep, your having a blog is really great. I love the pictures, they are a very special touch.

Yes, I am getting into the picture routine. We got a picture of Owen's gap. And as is so often the case, it looks like a second tooth will be following soon. Even got a picture of Jordan installing TPs. That reminds me I think I'm going to sneak in and take a picture of Stephen. He is asleep on our bed.

Oh, Evan has decided to blog too. His URL is It will afford us a glimpse into the mind of a mysterious 15 yo. Talk about scary. Just kidding. I'm really excited that he is doing this. Hope he stays with it. Love you guys!

Shiloh said...

I tried to get to Evan's URL and it didn't come up. Looking forward to it.