Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tagged, but too lazy to tag others

In response to being tagged by Candace, I shall now list 5 weird habits that I have.

1) I drink soy milk everyday and green tea everyday.
2) I like to sit cross-legged on the floor.
3) I hardly ever step on cracks.
4) I collect rubber bands.
5) I pace.

There, I did it, that's the end.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The moon still shines in the sky

Thank you, 47th, for making me one of the tagged. I choose to ignore my tag responsibilities at present, but will post my 5 thingies at another time.

Woke up from a good night's sleep in the peacefulness of the country this morning. We've traveled from Indiana to Texas to visit here for a week over the holidays. I didn't realize until now how seriously I needed a break. Back home (Kokomo) there were so many loose ends to tie up: paperwork for the end of the school semester; arrangements for Christmas; arrangements for the trip to Texas; discussions for our move to Scotland; discussions for Candace's overseas study at the University of Glasgow; discussions for Joshua's overseas study in South Korea. These are the types of topics which are highly interesting to a mom, subjects that call her attention to the most minute details.

I thought we were going to have an eventful year, but I think Josh has us beat. First he's going to come home to Indiana with us for a few weeks, then he's off to South Africa to go on an archaeological dig for four weeks, then he's home in Kokomo for a short stay then off to South Korea for a whole semester of overseas study, then home again in time to be able to go with us to Scotland for a month or so, then back to Texas to finish his last year of undergraduate study at LeTourneau. He then plans to go to graduate school in the field of archaeology.

Next week when Candace is gone to Pheonix on her missions trip and Amy & Ben are off at the RP Winter's Conference for the youth, I hope to cruise the Internet with Josh to learn more about these trips he will take.

As you can see, Candace and Amy and Ben live pretty exciting lives too. :-)

I'll admit that excitement isn't all it's cracked up to be - right now - just give me the quiet country life for a few more days!

Friday, December 09, 2005

My life, at present

::Comes up for a breath of air::


Saturday, December 03, 2005

One-on-one fun

This post is doomed with such a title.

Nevertheless, the topic shall be this week's experiences with my new class and with tutoring.

Finished working on new lesson plans for another class starting up this trimester. I'll teach a new class for the rest of this year in addition to my Eng. Lit and my two Latin classes . This time I'll teach English grammar and writing to a group of middle schoolers. This class will meet twice a week for an hour rather than for one or two hours per week (like my Latin and Lit. classes respectively). Having a class spread out twice every week is, of course, a much better learning situation. This class grew from a need that arose when it became apparent that some students in the Latin 1 class needed more help with their English grammar. Latin has a way of revealing that. I'm pretty excited since I've seen first-hand how effective teaching the Shurley Grammar method along with the Institute for Excellence in Writing can be.

Periodically, I tutor a student who needs extra help in Latin and this week I helped an 8th grade boy with a one-time session. Tutoring is satisfying work with these homeschooled kids, because they want to learn the material and generally just like to learn.

There was another boy I tutored in Latin 1 this week as well. This guy is a 6th grader who was very ill last trimester and had to miss four straight weeks of school. During that time, I kept close contact with his mom and assured her that I would tutor Tyler when he felt better. He's been back in class for about 3 weeks and I've been tutoring him every week since then. One cool thing about going over to their house is that Tyler's grandmother lives with them and she speaks almost exclusively Spanish. It's interesting to hear his mom, grandmother, and siblings speaking fluent Spanish to one another in the background. Yesterday I asked his mom if Candace could come over and converse with them since she is currently working extra hard in Spanish to prepare for her up-coming mission trip to Pheonix. The mom was delighted and Candace is eager too. I'll make the arrangements this week.

As long as I'm speaking of tutoring, I also should mention that I give a young lady a guitar lesson every week, too.

So you be the judge. Did this post deserve such a cheesy title?