Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A special wish

Happy Birthday, Canny!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

A post thanksgiving post

Ah, that's better.
The totally-confounding-to-learn-as-a-second-language,
English, is back in my blogsphere. Thank you, sire.

I guess you could say that we had a very traditional Thanksgiving.
We were at home
with family and friends,
with 18 lbs. worth of turkey,
with 17 lbs. worth of stuffing,

with gravy,
with rolls,
with baked cranberries,
with jellied cranberries,
with mashed potatoes,
with sweet potatoes,
with apple mallow salad,
with apple walnut salad,
with baked corn,
with broccoli and cheese,
with pumkin pie,
with apple pie,
with cheesecake bars,
with hard-times cake,
with iced tea,
with wassail*,
with coffee,
with Rolaids.

The place was a hornet's nest.

Just take a look for yourself.

A friend of our's climbed up in a tree and cut the limb where this lovely abode ... abode. Pretty cool, huh?

Some of my favorite memories from the day will be visiting and laughing, reading from the Bible, singing some Psalms, and being thankful together.

*Nota bene: "Wassail" according to Samuel Johnson's dictionary is from "waes hael" translated "your health" from Saxon and is a liquour of apples, sugar, and ale (ew), anciently much used by English goodfellows.
Thought you'd want to know that.

Oh yeah, and I did spend the day after Thanksgiving ... shopping.
; )

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

First snow

::Shakes head and looks around::

Hum, I'm a little disoriented here. I'm trying to write a post in a strange atmosphere. The tab I'm in says "Crea" and the button I always click to post says "Dubblica post." The save drafts button says, "Salva come bozza." That's silly. Wonder who in the world changed my settings to Italian? Perhaps his highness, L'Ultimo Re? If so, I shall petition him to have it changed back to English.

I just paused this post to take a picture out our front living room window. See what I see? The first snow! Remember what that looks like (Joy and Josh)? Yippee!

Last week was a blur with most of my focus on Amy's recovery after nose surgery. She is feeling much better now. The surgery was on Monday then we went back to the doctor on Wednesday and then back again this past Monday and the doctor was pleased with the way Amy's nose looked and it is healing fine. I'm so thankful.

Last week was also finals week. An English teacher grades essays and a Latin teacher grades minutely detailed tests so that took some focus too. Trimester grades have been computed and new syllabi have been prepared. So I'm in good shape.

Next trimester's going to be great in Eng. Lit. 'cause we're getting into POETRY!! I really like poetry. Poetry's my friend. I imagine my students must also be beside themselves with joy.
: D

Today, we will shop for Thanksgiving groceries and start preparing for tomorrow's grand meal. We're having Thanksgiving here at our house with just our family (Josh'll be with his granny) and a couple of friends.

Well, I need to go start defrosting the turkey in the sink. Hope your Thanksgiving is a blessed one!

Friday, November 11, 2005

A day to commemorate

Amy ordered her senior ring this week. Is it that time already? How time flies! After all, she and Ben are the "youngers" - how can it be that it's time for one of the youngers to order a senior ring? Anyway, it's a beautiful ring and I'll see if I can get permission to show it to you when it comes in.

Leaf raking is on the agenda again today. I'll let you know how that goes.
I have such an exciting life.
I really DO - just not on paper ... er whatever this is.

Robert has gone to the Presbytery meeting today. We alighted from bed at 6:05, Barry appeared soon after, and they headed to Jason's house to pick up their final passenger. The plan is for Robert to be licenced to preach in the Reformed Presbyterian Church today, Lord willing. From my perspective, our Heavenly Father has been preparing Robert for this awesome event for years, and it culminates today. I'm not one for grandiose exaggeration, but no amount of rejoicing in the Lord Who brought my husband to this point would do it justice. He was called to pastor 20 years ago, but I know now it wasn't time yet. God hid us away in our wonderful country home in Texas. He had us raise our children, love each other, learn of His ways, be a part of a wonderful church family in Texas, and in His good timing, He led us to Indiana where we joined with people who we have come to truly respect and love. This is a day to be commemorated before the Lord. I do not believe I'm exaggerating when I say that. All praise be to God for His wondrous ways!

I'm so glad those three rode together. They are such an encouragement to each other. Sometimes it's neat to step back and realize the good friends the Lord places in our lives. Barry and Jason are definitely dear friends of Robert's. Fast friends. Come to think of it, I consider their wives Miriam and Jenny to be dear friends of mine. Miriam's my near neighbor who I wouldn't hesitate to borrow sugar from in time of need (although the 24-hour Kroger is about as close.) There are things that she has that Kroger doesn't. We try to meet in the neighborhood for a walk whenever we can, and we often end up lingering in the driveway or sitting down for a while in my sun room to talk. Jenny and I were volleyball coaches together. That experience helped to cement our friendship - although I'll never forget her and Jason's kindness as they drove us around Kokomo when we were looking for a house to rent and their moral support when Rob was looking for a job. That was just the beginning. I like to spend time with Jenny. She and I hit it off when we talk.

This blog has been very satisfying to write, but it has now run it's course. I must away, methinks. God bless you!

The drink of teens ... I mean kings.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

You go girl!

A couple of nights ago the kids played a mini concert for their father. One selection was the folky, sad tune from "Gods and Generals." Amy cooed out the melody on the penny whistle, then Ben came in with the rhythm guitar, then Candace carried on the melody with her violin (fiddle) and Amy played some wonderful harmonic interplay on the mandolin. The song went full circle ending with the singular penny whistle. Fitting rendition - when you think of soldiers out in all weather playing a few simple songs. It was very moving.

Other items in the news.

1) Root canal's all done, and I'm fine. Still a little sore, but not too sore for a night out with the ladies at a local eating establishment. (Tonight's Ladies Night Out ... with our church, silly.)

2) I raked leaves two days ago and now you'd never be able to tell.

And 3) Here's one of my more famous neices, Nadine. She's my sister (and brother-in-law's) kid who also has the distinction of being a Rice University cheerleader in Texas. Here are some action pics.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


Woke up this Saturday morning before all the rest. Morning has a special quality. It's the time of day that doesn't rush you. It doesn't impose high expectations. It waits for you. You can hear the birds creating the atmosphere of a joyful, peaceful frame of mind, and except for the birds, the Saturday morning world wakes up slowly, quietly.

I love to think about and observe the great cycles that the Father God has put in place. Saturday morning is a weekly cycle that one recognizes. Mornings are daily cycles. I need cycles. I unknowingly depend on cycles. Down deep I rest in the confidence that cycles are gonna come back around. Through that God brings peace. A steady life of cycles.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In the style of James Joyce (uuuhhhh ....... right)

Come-on ... just start typing. Don't just sit there waiting for a flash of inspiration. This post won't get written while you're just staring at the blank blogger form. And it won't get written just staring at the Starfield screen saver either. Just start typing what flows naturally from your mind like James Joyce. Yeah, it worked well for him.

If I had only blogged this morning at Vladimir's during Ben's cello lesson. As a matter of fact I brought the laptop with that in mind, but I worked on a lit quiz instead. Then we had to pass that grievous opstacle on the way out of Carmel. Someone had the audacity to build a brand new Starbucks right on the corner where we exit from Pam's. You talk about a stong desire to turn in. Whew - it's tough. I wish they had built a White Castle instead - then it would it would be a little easier.

This evening's bible study in our home covered Acts chapter 16. It always amazes me the rich discussion that comes from taking the time to study a chapter of God's Word together. I'm thankful for that kind of format - reading, considering, questioning, discussing.

This week's special projects:
- Writing some long overdue letters. ("long overdue" not necessarily "long")
- Continuing to listen to The Chronicles of Narnia on CD. currently: The Horse and His Boy
- Continuing to read Pride and Predjudice with Ben.
- Going to exercise class when I can spare an hour.
- Meeting the other volleyball coaches for a planning session for the VB Banquet at an unmentionable restaurant. :)

Next week:
- Getting that root canal I've been needing.

... I'm serious

... like ... on Monday.