Saturday, October 14, 2006

Winston the Woodpigeon

Behind our house lives a woodpigeon. He already lived in the neighborhood before we moved in. We call him Winston. Here's his picture as seen from our front window looking across the street.

Around back Winston flies away when I hang my laundry - so you won't see him here.

In the morning when the sun peeks between the garage and our house, Winston is off doing whatever it is that woodpigeons do. Your guess is as good as mine.

I took a photo of what I saw out of my van sunroof one day, but didn't see Winston there either.

Large pinecones grew in the top of this pine tree about a block from our house. But I'm sure Winston already knew that.

Looking toward Coatbridge, I longed for my turn to drive past the road construction. I thought of Winston who never has to bother with red lights.

In another delay, I thought of the days when I used to teach at Sycamore Covenant Academy. Now, what made me think of that, I wonder.

Since I haven't mentioned Winston recently, I'll take the opportunity to inform you the he didn't travel to Lochgoin with me and Rob and Amy and Ben and our friend, Ben Gordan the other day.

I have no doubt that Ben and "Big Ben" and Amy were thinking about Winston at the very moment that I snapped this photo in the Howie Museum which contained many wonderful artifacts from Covenanter history.

This sheepy guy doesn't at all resemble Winston.

The evening came upon us as we came out from cleaning the church building one Saturday night which is the perfect time to roost for all those inclined to do so ... like Winston.

I don't know what I was trying to photograph when I snapped this picture, but it (unlike the previous ones) probably had nothing to do with Winston.


leah buns ;-) said...

Mrs. Jones!!!
How are you? I hope y'all are marvelous! I very much enjoyed your post on Winston! :-P I think of you guys a lot! It was Thursday I think when Mr. Camery came downstairs saying he had been talking to Mr. Jones. Well, I have to go finish writing an Old Testament paper for Mr. York. I miss you and Mr. Jones teaching at SCA. I miss you! I'm always praying for you!

leah buns ;-) said...

Haha! I was the first to comment!!! :-D

Shiloh said...

Hi Leah - I commented on your blog.
Love ya!

Feanor said...

I like Winston. He's my friend.

Virginia said...

Alright, I want to meet Winston!
Why can't I see Winston!?
Thinking of you a lot and praying for you. Keep up the posts! :-)