Friday, February 23, 2007

Does the devil have all the good comedy?

Click below to find out ...

Don't be mean to butterflies

and don't be mean to cats.

Hilarious as this guy is
- he definitely has some serious issues. :-D

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Shake well before use

Quite a poetic phrase from the White Out bottle - don't you think?

Moving along ...

Felt rather puny this morning - flu-like symptoms. Spent the day with a flurry of activity followed by vertical inactivity. Preferring to be busy, my repose super-sized the day making it feel like I got two days for the price of one. I mean this day aughta be over by now, but nooooo, it's only four o'clock. Why couldn't I trade this day in for one of those days where each 60 minute hour lasts only 45 minutes?

The high point of the day? A spontaneous time of thanksgiving to the Lord this morning. Seems that the cold air had seeped into my soul and was I feeling rather like Puddleglum. After giving way to gloomy thoughts, it occurred to me, "Why not thank the Lord for some of His blessings for a while?" The clouds cleared away as my thanks flew upward. You can't stay grumpy and thankful at the same time. It's impossible. Mostly I was thankful for people -or- more specifically what I could see the Lord doing in the lives of people around me. This raised me right out of the dumps.

I needed a little morning shake up. Better than aerobics.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A southerner's forecast

This is all new to me.

I'll grant that when the scenery out the window was wiped out a couple of years ago in Kokomo, I couldn't believe it. I mean it was as if Someone had erased the sky and the ground and the parked cars - everything was white. I just stared out the window.

But this - this is different.
Don't talk to me about global warming or El Niño - nope, you've got it ALL wrong. We are actually entering the next Ice Age.


Here's the proof:

1) It starts with BELOW freezing temperatures - like 7 degrees F.
(I knew you wouldn't believe me, but the backyard thermometer lies not.)

It gets worse ...

2) As the result of toxic fumes (like the fumes of peanut butter toast made by apathetic adolescents all over the world), the warm blanket that wraps the northern part of the United States is wearing thin creating the "refrigerator effect" plunging temperatures to a breath-stopping 7 degrees below zero.

See for yourself.

The following image is not suitable for those with delicate constitutions.

3) Gross! What IS that?
Oh, it's frozen raw egg drippings.
Wonder how it got there?
Perhaps a certain young southern gentleman was overcome with a need for some scientific observation. I can understand how someone from warmer climates would need to know if a raw egg would freeze on contact, but should such a person try his ground-breaking experiment right above the thermometer leaving it slimed for the rest of the winter?

This is debatable.

5) Can't say that I blame the man. I have my needs too.

If you want me, I'll be hibernatin'. See ya'll in the Spring!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Brrrrrr ...

This is how I feel.