Friday, January 14, 2005

Days of youth

I am surrounded by teenagers and young adults these days. I live with three of them. Keep pretty close tabs on a distant one. I teach some twice a week. Play volleyball with others. Go to church with a group of them. And now I read their blogs and sometimes converse with them over the Internet. I listen to them and try to really hear where they are coming from. What I'm picking up from them, I've written into this poem. (I also remember feeling this way not too terribly long ago!)

The Jewel

Full of hope
Eyes wide open
Absorbing from all sides

Laughs out loud
Open minded
Friendships will abide

Branching out
My own person
Glancing back at roots

Full expression
Resting when it suits

Life is full
Late night study
Friends come in and out

Outward purpose
Inside full of doubt

Look about
Need some answers
Feeling in a jam

Christ, my Lord
I must find you
Help me where I am


Megan said...

You mean to tell me that I'm suppose to believe you composed your little poem while pumping away on your stationary bicycle? You never cease to amaze me!

Very nice. What do all you young people think? Did she capture "youth"?

Feanor said...

Wow. I guess youth is one of those things that you understand better when its past, but yeah thats it in a nutshell. Wow. I guess I've been kind of blind to the fact that every body is exactly like this at this time in their lives. Well, maybe not exactly like me, but well yeah. Anyway I guess I'll continue on my own blog:)

# 47 said...

We are blessed with adults who see with compasion and clarity, aren't we Ev? Oh to have their steady brains on our shoulders sometimes! Yeah, I kindof agree about the clarity thing too. Had I written the poem I think it would have put allot more about CONFUSION in there, and I wish that our faith was stronger to call out to God like at the end of the poem, but where we are weak (that is whenever we aren't drunk with our own optimism!) He is strong. There is a God who is as relentless in is transformation as we are in our backwardness. This was in my bible reading today:
The king shall joy in THY strength, O Lord; and in THY salvation how greatly shall he rejoice.
Psalm 21:1