Monday, January 28, 2008

Psalm 30:1-5

O LORD, I will exalt You,
For You have lifted me;
My foes You have allowed not
To glory over me.

O LORD my God, I pleaded
That You might heal and save;
LORD, You from death have ransomed
And kept me from the grave.

His saints, O praise Jehovah
And thank His holy name.
His anger lasts a moment,
His grace a whole life time.

For sorrow, like a pilgrim,
May tarry all the night,
But then a shout of joy comes
When dawns the morning light.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Here in the "Learning Commons" (aka the IUK library) I hear quiet mummers, but no one approaches me for essay tweeking - so I can whip off an entry.

Two weeks of uni classes are past, and I'm getting into the groove. Both my classes offer many happy future inspirations since I am highly interested in the content of both.

My Mon/Wed "History of the English Language" class (w/me & Candace) touches on my beloved Latin. It spans Old English, Mid English, and Mod English. I'm researching to see if I can find enough information to write about British everyday people being exposed to Latin by singing the Psalms. I'm very excited about this! I'll keep you posted.

My Mon night class is a survey of the study of Rhetoric throughout time - starting with the ancient Greeks. I've taught/studied Aristotle's Rhetoric two different times and this has proved to be extremely helpful. The reading for this class is pretty heavy and demanding, but I'm going to learn a lot. It should make me a better writer and a better teacher, I hope. We have to write timed essays in reaction to our reading at the beginning of each class. I haven't had to do that for years - whew!

I brought my student's papers here today, so I think I'll grade for a while. Later!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Eatin' carrots and drinkin' diet coke

Healthy - that's me.

College classes start today. Monday is my busy day: one morning class, work in the writing center, then one evening class. I do have a nice block of time in the afternoon at home for walking the treadmill and reading for class - which is what I did today.

Rob was off work and happily busying himself with his new hobby of knife sheath making. He's pretty good at it. Not surprising.

Candace and I have the morning class together. It's a 300 level class that is beefed up for her since she's an honors student and beefed up for me since I'm a grad student. Fun times.

Amy's around somewhere. Haven't seen her lately. You know Amy. She has a full class load and will keep working at Panera Bread too. Her classes which are very un-biology-like and very un-math-like will suit her well AND one theater class (she has all the fun.)

Ben worked this morning. He had to ride his bike to work a whole mile away. His van days are over since the "wan" is officially dead. Poor Ben. He's trying to sell it. He's now at his college class. I think he's going to enjoy this one since it's a computer design class - right up his alley.

Tomorrow it's back to teaching at SCA. I've missed the kids - it'll be good to see them again.

I'll be good and productive and do some reading now then go to class in a little bit.