Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vacation from a foot's point of view

It's high time that we honored the real troopers of the camping vacation - the feet. It's the feet who carry us everywhere. It's the feet who sweat and get all hot and bothered. It's the feet that keep us going. Well the next several blogs are written with the feet in mind. Let us take on their perspective for once.

We're not going to have any pictures of bear boxes -

or brownies about to explode from the altitude -

or cute little chipmunks.

Nope, this time we'll see ruggedly shod feet gazing at picturesque Colorado cliffs -

We'll see feet resting comfortably in their favorite tennies in front of a Colorado mountain range.

Yes, let's consider for once, how things look from a little lower down.

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Me, Myself, and I said...

your time in Colorado looks awesome! :) and hip-hip-hurrah for those amazing feet!