Monday, February 14, 2005

A Finnish and Ethiopian Alliance

Monday's here. Back at Vladimir's for Benny's cello lesson. Benny said on the way over that he might take up cello teaching someday so he could drive kids crazy, too. "An admirable service," I replied.

Last week brought an answer to prayer. Robert was hired as the new night chaplain at the Kokomo Rescue Mission. We can finally breath a little easier. And to get paid to do something you love to do is sweet! He has a knack for working around needy people. Other jobs he's had in the past has prepared him to work with these guys - jobs like working at the prison as a prison guard and later a preacher, working at the state hospital, working at a home for troubled boys (and two different homes for troubled girls), and then just working in the regular work world. Beyond those experiences, he has a deep seeded tendency to connect with outsiders. I tend to be that way, too.

Now, he'll be quite busy as the teacher of two daytime college classes and three SCA high school classes, and the student of one Greek class. He'll work at the Mission from 3 to 11 p.m. five days a week. Please pray for him as he adjusts to staying up a little later. (All you who know my husband, know that he is an early-to-bed-early-to-rise kind of guy!)

Canny made it back from the Gethsemene Challenge weekend. A profitable experience for all, I heard.

Josh called Sunday night and we had a nice visit. I look forward to our phone conversations every weekend. Couldn't make it without them.

Rob preached twice on Sunday. The morning service was out of town in Elkhart again so the day seemed rather hectic, but something to which veteran preachers are accustomed, I'm sure.

One particular part of the day to mention was the lunch we ate in the home of Fik and Ritva Menbere. Fik was born in Ethiopia and Ritva was born in Finland - two opposite places as far as the climate goes. Fik's homeland is nestled among mountains 10,000 feet high not far from the Red Sea. (He showed us where it was on a map.) Such an ancient land. Ritva's homeland is 150 miles south of the Arctic Circle. Brrrrrrr! She said that kids there play outside no matter what the weather - rain or snow - it makes no difference, they're out there! Fik and Ritva met on a huge ship that sailed around the world distributing Gospel literature. Fascinating people!

But to me the most special part of our visit came when I saw the zeal the Menberes have for seeing the kingdom of Christ advance. They not only have a heart for it, but live their lives to this end. Very encouraging and exciting!

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# 47 said...

Amen to that. We are so blessed to have people all around us with a zeal to encourage ours. Many of them are serving Christ where they are, in deeping the founded churches; but when they come into contact with us, the knowlege that we will be going out to plant (DV) only hightens their support and love. Only Jesus could have such a following.