Thursday, February 24, 2005

Skatin' and swimmin'

Here's another video clip. This time we have Ben doing an ollie on his skateboard. He wants you to know that this is the "before" clip. As his height increases, we'll tape him again to keep you posted on his progress.

Other news. I'll soon be adding swimming lessons to my weekly routine. Rob paved the way for me. He met the director about mission business and it happened to come up that his wife used to be a certified swimming instructor and likes to teach. That practically cinched it since they are in great need for mature, dependable instructors. So a couple of days ago I met with the YMCA director and the head pool lady, and didn't talk much at all, I just listened. They were both very excited and eager. (So, Abbey, this method of job interviewing works well if your looking for a very low hour, low paying job.) :+D Yesterday, I assisted in the pool so I could learn the ropes (pun intended). Besides getting chilled after being in the water two hours, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Especially the part about encouraging the little floaters and bubblers. Little time commitment, lots of fun.


# 47 said...

Yeah, now when the blow bubbles in their milk, the little swimmers can say "Miz Jones told me so!!!"

So just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

Abigail said...

sounds like fun! And i'll remember the job-getting technique for the future ;-)