Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Little girls and a cat

We had a backyard fellowship
At our house tonight.
Meat on the grill
With friends around
The citronella light.

The volleyball
Flew through the air,
The ladies looking on.
A guy played baseball
With the boys
Round the corner on the lawn.

With waning light the fireflies
Showed forth
Their fleeting glory.
The Psalms arose
From every voice
The everlasting story.

But on this night
I'll hold inside
A special memory
Of three small friends
Who pet a cat
That sat upon my knee.


S.O.G. said...

AHHH! I like that. Made my heart smile.

Feanor said...
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Feanor said...

That was nice, but I couldn't really enjoy it because every few seconds Stephen screams "NOOOOOOO" at the top of his lungs, which is nerve racking, even for me.

Shiloh said...

That's just the point I was making. Aren't small children wonderful?

Feanor said...

NOOOOOOO! Just kidding, their mostly pretty cool. I shouldn't really complain much about my brothers, I'm the main reason their the way they are, oh and Adam :)Quote from Owen "Get me some ice you little duffer"

# 47 said...

Good poetry, and consise description of a long evening.

Lol on the "little duffer" moment.