Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Old business

We're in Texas now. Lots of sun; lots of pool; lots of family and friends. It's been surprisingly mild - not too hot - nice breeze. So what's with the weather report, you ask? The weather is big news in Texas - especially if it ISN'T burning hot in the summertime. Now that's big news. And it isn't - so I share the news.

There is something about not being in your own house that makes everything more restful. Ah, nice time to blog.

So I shall catch up on old business and show you some pics I took a few weeks ago. Memorial day has come and gone - these were taken of the Memorial Day Picnic in Kokomo, Indiana.

Everyone gathered at a local park to share a relaxing day.

Here's Bill.

Some of the girls anticipate the day's activities.

Here Trevor and Ben are up to no good, I'm sure.

I told ya' so! They've loaded the water balloon sling-shot

... and here are their helpless victims!

Greg fiercely guards the vittles.

Johnny and Brian wait to eat.

These men do some catching up.

Jamie helps at the pool.

Meg grabs a photo opp.

Hannah and Rachel dry off after a swim.

These ladies grab some shade.

Lynz joins Daniel, and his dad, Jason, to watch the swimmers.

Here are some hill-billie golf pros

... and their competitors.

Everyone likes to share babies.

Celia is not a baby, she's armed and ready (get it?) Miriam offers her arm.

Time to chow down.


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