Monday, July 10, 2006

Thoughts from the other side

Hello out there - from Scotland!

What a crazy, roller-coaster, wonderful week it has been. I will definitely elaborate in the near future. Suffice it to say for now, God is kind and faithful.

We have met some kind and faithful people of God in this neck of the woods. They are enthusiastic about having us and very friendly. I do catch MOST of what they're saying. :-)

We have met several Americans here and just had dinner with an American couple tonight.

Tomorrow, we're off to take a ride in the Highlands north of here. Please pray for us as we timidly trek off on the wrong side of the road.

Glad to be back with you all!


Amy said...

I'm so very glad you've safely reached Scotland! :) You've been in many people's prayers and mine, too, though you don't even know me.

I'm sure the "other side of the road" issue could be complicated, so I'll certainly pray that God will continue to guard you and all those you love. :)

Blessings on you in all you do!

Feanor said...

Howista? Does the world spin in the wrong direction now? It does for me, and I'm not even in Scotland, but then again, I'm just special like that. So anyway, just commenting cause I want your blog to feel like home, and every place is happier with me there.

SOG said...

Sounds great!!! Can't wait to see it.
God Bless!!

Linds said...

Hi Mrs. Jones!
I miss you sooo much! I hope things are going well for you in the land of the Scots:-) I will keep praying for you guys- you all are very special to me!

chelsea said...

Hey aunt suzzanne. this is chelsea ur neice why dont u ever comment me. i comment you all the time.. well how is it in scottland i here it is very diffucult with the time change.. well u dont ever get on sype anymore.. well u probably do when i am asleep.. well i g2g .. please comment back it is very hard to try to talk to you.. well how is candance and amy. and ben and uncle bob.. well i am good not much here to do.. been missing you alot.. well i dont know what else to say so i better go.. well try to ttyl, chelsea

Shiloh said...

Hi Chels - and everybody. Sorry I haven't been in touch, but we literally fell off the edge of the cyberspace world for a couple of weeks there - but we're back now.

Thanks for your patience!

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