Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Random spatterings

Once again today, Rob and I will drive some folks to visit historic Scottish sites. Our church is hosting a Covenanter's Tour and 18 RPer's from the States are here for that. Yesterday, we followed the big blue van that Andrew (the pastor here) drove. We carried 5 people in our van and headed to St. Andrews.

Today we're off to Edinburgh. It's nice to drive and just follow a van. Don't have to concentrate as much. It's also nice to get to tag along on the tour. I'm soaking it up like a sponge. Had some nice chats too.

Our good friend, Virginia Landow who is the last one still here from the mission team, came along too. Good times. Ginny has been over at our house a good bit - spending the night, eating, helping to clean house - just like one of the "kids." (How old do they have to be before you stop calling them "kids"? Beats me.)

Fish cookery is moving up on my "to-do list." May (an elder's wife) lent me a fish cookbook after we conversed about how I haven't had much experience with fish cookery (except the nice pond fish Rob has caught over the years). Get back to you on that one.

Let's see ... what else.

My time and attention are required in some unique areas such as:
  • spending lots of time looking for paper to write on,
  • spending more time reading user guides,
  • paying particular attention to voltage,
  • and participating in a haggis taste test.
Just thought you'd be interested to know that.

And here are some things that have given me pleasure of late:
  • when my girls and I have cooked familiar meals for new friends,
  • when our 5-year-old neighbor, Olivia, slipped around behind our house to fetch me a rose from our own garden,
  • when I looked out my kitchen window and saw two little Scottish boys sword fight with sticks,
  • when I played frisbee with my husband,
  • and when my family sang familiar psalms together.
Well, the nice paragraphs I started out with have reverted to random spatterings of lists. My apologies. Someday, I plan to return to a more traditional paragraph form of writing, but since blogging patterns should reflect the writer's life patterns, lists are all I have to give. My life just hasn't quite smoothed out to paragrah form yet.

Thank you for your forbearance.


Anonymous said...


Just want you to know that I enjoy your "spatterings"! Keep them coming! I will try to be faithful to the Jones's in prayer! Penny Tousha

Shiloh said...

Hi Penny!
Great to hear from you! Good to know you're close. Your prayer means so much to us - we sure need it!

Charity said...

I should have my mom call you sometime so you two can chat about the worries and stress of moving to a different country! That is so cute about your little neighbor girl getting you a rose. :-) Singing familiar Psalms as a family is always a wonderful thing. I know we especially enjoyed it when my brothers finally joined us here in Aus.

I'm praying for you guys!

Shiloh said...

Thanks, Charity, I know you must be very glad to have your brothers with you. We have Josh for one more week then he's back to Texas for school.

You guys are an encouragement to us - you went first!