Monday, April 04, 2005

Everyday stuff

We're on Spring Break this week. Why is it that I always feel so much more busy when I'm on break? Doesn't make sense.

Today in brief words:

First thing this morning, Rob read his Daily Light with me and we prayed together.

Later, I had my private devotions - read a Psalm and sang it too.

Ben and I finished our Algebra lessons.

Finished my Hebrew homework.

Paid some bills.


Made supper, cleaned up after supper. (I guess that goes without saying ... well, except when the kids do these chores - which is quite frequent.)

Proofed Canny's article about the James Joyce play (I'll comment more on the play later.)

Dropped off library stuff and then went to exercise class.

And woven throughout the day, I did about a hundred little things that were on my Spring Break list which are absolutely not worth mentioning.

Well, that takes up an entire day most of a night to do all those things.

This doesn't even count as a real blog entry in my estimation. Not interesting enough. But it is a slice of real life.

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S.O.G. said...

Sounds very busy to me. Love you.