Saturday, July 09, 2005

Off to Kentucky

Yesterday was spent packing - so this morning we're ready to go.

Our family is leaving this morning and driving to Kentucky to attend a 5-day conference called Covfamikoi (pronounced ku-vu-ma-koi). The name stands for Covenant Family Koinonia (Greek for Christian fellowship or communion with God or with fellow Christians). It's sponsored by our Presbytery - so people from churches all around the Mid-West and all the way down to Florida will attend. We'll have the chance to get to know a lot of people while we eat together, attend morning classes, play games in the afternoon, and have various activities at night.

I'm going in the official capacity as the Nursery Coordinator. Sounds impressive, huh? We traded our mini van with the York's huge 15 passenger van so I could carry 5 porta cribs and some big wipes and animal crackers, etc. I don't have to man (or woman) the nursery all the time, I just have to recruit others to do it. So I'll make public announcements and comb the dining hall armed with my trusty clip board and sign-up sheet.

Should be a great way to break the ice with new people. "Hello, I'm Suzanne. Would you like to volunteer to watch some cute little babies?" Aught to be interesting.

Talk to you when we get back.


theCaptain said...

And wasn't it fun? The babies were great and so was everything else (except the food).

# 47 said...

::cough:: yes, you were always the one getting volunteers...

Nathan said...

I googled "Covfamikoi" and found your blog and well, I had a question (tho, you probably won't read this). I'd always heard Covfamikoi stood for Covenanters of Florida, Alabama, Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana. I've never heard your explanation. So, I wonder which is right? They both appear to be a good explanation. Maybe it's like a "hoosier" where nobody knows what it really means.