Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mulberry street

There was just enough time after I zoomed in from music lessons at 2 and before Chili left for work at 3 to squeeze in a walk.

Gorgeous blue sky overhead, fresh air, perfect temperature, and the fall leaves on Mulberry Street - that's the street next to our street (Walnut).

Specially requested by yours truly, I wanted to soak up the hour. I wanted to walk down Mulberry Street.

As soon as I upload some photos, you'll understand.

Hope you have a "Mulberry Street" urging you out the door.
If so, just go.


Barry York said...

In the fifteen minutes I had before an appointment yesterday afternoon, Spencer and I squeezed in a bike ride that included Mulberry St. at the same time yesterday. Too hard to resist the colors, the weather, and an eight-year old's enthusiasm!

SOG said...

Would love to see that in the fall. Sounds lovely.