Tuesday, March 22, 2005

If I only had a brain

I just cruised around everybody's blog. It's nice to just listen sometimes.

I was wondering how long "Silly Old Granny" would be able to hold out without commenting. It's way too much fun!

Now contrary to popular opinion, you DO have to have a brain to blog. Case in point: let's say for instance a person were not feeling well for a week. And let's say this person had to continue to carry on as though they could think clearly when in fact all the while they functioned all week without a brain? And if that person were a blogger, do you think they would blog that week? Why no, I don't think so. A week like that would require all the person's wits just to make the people living around them think that they were actively engaged in daily conversations. It would be a grave blunder to try to be coherent in print. %^P (I don't know quite what that face signifies, but it can't be good.)

But hey, we all lose a week out of our life every now and then for some reason or another. :-)


quirky said...

am i to infer that a similar unhappy occurrence has been debilitating you, and not just some hypothetical enigma? ...get well, save a chicken... i like --> %^P very creative.

quirky said...

shoot, the computer messed up the little face when it posted the comment. it's supposed to be

%^P just like your's

Silly Old Granny said...

I, for one, have really missed your blogs. Are you suggesting that S.O.G. cannot keep quiet for very long. Well, it has been difficult restraining myself, but now, that I have broken the barrier, it may really be scary.

quirky said...

hey, the link to benny's blog still doesn't work! where's your web master??

# 47 said...

Although some more wise and graceful ladies burst forth with love and devotion, other hirsute and... forthright gentlmen burst forth with the language of youthful anxiety.

Ah the delights of reading comments.

Shiloh said...

To SOG: You won't be any more scary than any of the rest of us.

To The Pea: I have to admit you DO write some quite interesting comments.

To Quirky: The afore mentioned blogger chooses to bow back into mysterious obscurity for a time.

Feanor said...

That face looks very Picasoish, which can't be good! I always thought that his models must of had some pretty serious rare diseases ;)