Tuesday, March 29, 2005

New friends

I'd been planning to photograph my flowers in my kitchen window, but this slot of time presented itself so it ended up being a choice between taking the photo, plus getting it ready, plus uploading it - or - typing this blog. I chose the latter. This will just give you the opportunity to grow with anticipation at the thought of seeing my beautiful little plants.

Last night, we had Ginny, one of Canny's new friends, over to spend the night. Sweet lass. Sorta quirky, but aren't we all around here? I like her. You'll see her blog link here soon so I can keep closer tabs on her. Her big, beautiful harp appeared in our living room yesterday causing no small stir. I think she had to perform three mini-concerts before we let her go. Since she was on her way to Indianapolis for a six-week college course, she bedded down with Canny last night. I hope we become a regular hostel stop for her on her treks back and forth. Or anytime for that matter.

It's a funny thing. I consider my kids' friends my friends too. Yeah, I know I'm old enough to be their mother, but I'm also old enough to be my own kids' mother. (Profound isn’t it?) But my children and I have become fast friends (well, most of the time.) :-) What happened is that the wide expanse that used to separate me as an adult from my young children has narrowed quite a bit. My interest in knowing their thoughts has never ebbed but the fact that they can reciprocate with me on a more even plane has definitely changed. With my children and with their friends, our minds can meet.

To become friends with you own children … well …there’s nothing more satisfying for a parent. It's like making a new friend in someone you've known for a really long time.


quirky said...

that's very deeply touching. and guess what... some of us down here are quirky too. any guesses on who???

Shiloh said...

Yes, you're a prime example of the good kind of quirky of which I speak.

Silly Old Granny said...

I want to getin in this friendship thing. Can't a SOG be friends with her children AND her grandchildren - 3 generaltional friendship - sounds wonderful to me.

Shiloh said...

Why sure.