Saturday, March 12, 2005

Peddling and blogging

Haven't been on the stationary ... ::thought barges in uninvited:: "is that 'stationary' or 'stationery' - one means standing still and the other means writing material ... hum ... I'll take a stab in the dark and stick with my first hunch 'stationary' " ::thought bows and exits:: ... bike this week so the blogging fell by the wayside. A week without much exercise makes ME feel bloggy. Regular exercise helps me to have energy and it actually helps me to get rid of excess energy. If I don't exercise, I feel all cooped up inside. So here I am peddling and blogging - a good match.

This week's news:

Plans for Candace's graduation ceremony are going forward in earnest now. The date is going to be Friday, June 6 at First Baptist Church, Alto - the same place we had Josh's graduation. I checked with the Rusk and Alto public schools and they will have their commencement ceremonies the previous weekend so there won't be a conflict. Rob and I surfed yesterday at the site of (where we got Josh's grad. stuff). We were designing Candace's high school diploma. Very touching experience. Memories of all those years come flooding into our minds. So many memories. Memories of how homeschooling allowed us as parents to share our daughter's childhood with her. Memories of how we had the time to share ourselves with her educationally and every other way too. This is the stuff you wouldn't trade for the world - precious.

Candace and I also decided about some of her ceremony decorations and made preliminary decisions about her announcements. A couple of months ago over the Christmas break, we took senior pictures of her around our home in Shiloh. The weather was great and many of the pictures look great. They were mostly casual pics and we still need some more formal pics and just more options. I like to have plenty of senior pictures to choose from. A friend of ours who's a fine photographer is coming over Monday to take some inside pictures. I know we'll have to decide soon and get the announcements ordered.

Amy started the March volleyball clinic this week. She will go to the high school two or three times a week for the month of March to improve her volleyball skills.

Ben will start an art class this next week. I'm looking forward to that. Who says we can't live a second life through our kids? ;-)

Josh starts Spring Break today. His grandmother is traveling to pick him up to stay with the grandparents for a few days. Makes me really miss him. :-( But moms must grow up, too. May the Lord bless all you Spring Breakers!

And here's some free Spring Break advice: It's important to have a change of scenery, relax, and have a good time on Spring Break. Let me tell you a little story. Once upon a time, I had a Spring Break where I didn't make any plans opting just to stay on campus for a quiet week. I soon regretted it. Later I wished that I had gotten away from that place; it made the rest of the semester seem long and drawn out. Of course, that's just one story. I'm sure others could tell of the wonderful experiences they had the time they spent a quiet week nearly alone on campus. But this is my blog, is it not? I get to tell the stories here. Seriously, the Lord is perfectly capable of arranging His little one's Spring Break however He sees fit to work His good in them. But generally speaking, I think it wise to get away for some fresh air, if possible. I don't think anyone will argue with that one!

It turns out that I'm not going to teach swimming at the Y. After helping out there for two weeks and talking specifics with the lady in charge, it just wasn't going to work out for various reasons. A big part of me sighs in relief. I am such a homebody and I was a little apprehensive about being gone from home so much. Everyone in my family leads such busy lives and I like to be here to help the machine run smoothly. That's really what I prefer to be doing. So here I am, back on the bike, blogging!


# 47 said...

Yeay to the spelling wonders, (welcome to my whole life!). Yeay to the exercising even if I only do it once a month myself. Maybe I'll get healthier staying around such good people as you (or maybe I'll just go to the Y...).

Boo on the plans for graduation, too much thinking to compete with the imperfect tense and the fatty acids. And boo to make poor cabbage think about what color goes with tablecloths. Poor cabbage doesn't know.

If not boo, then blah on making poor cabbage curl her hair and wear nasty eye makeup to take pictures under glowing lights. We'd rather be eating, precious.

Yeay on volleyball and algebra, now's the time to stretch yourself and find that you can do something. Go mom for the gumption to do math!!!!

And, that’s all.

Shiloh said...

Does Canny have a scary split personality living inside named Cabbage who always refers to herself in the third person ???

But I can appreciate all the sentiments expressed by yourselves. :-D We'll muddle through somehow.