Thursday, April 20, 2006

Figgy pudding

It's open window weather! Hurray!

Last night I went on a walk with Miriam. We had night air, brisk strides, and relaxed conversation. My kind of exercise.

Today, my English Lit class listened to about 20 Shakespeare sonnets. The audio CD was hosted by Kathleen Turner, an actress from my time, who gathered some recognizable and not so recognizable actors to read the complete Shakespeare Sonnets. We heard men and women from both Britain and America of various ages and ethnic backgrounds all taking turns reading English sonnets. It's not surprising that first-time high school listeners reacted with comments and chuckles. That's a pretty normal first reaction to new territory. Not only does it take a little getting used to - to comprehend the meaning of the poetry, it also takes a little getting used to thinking that such a wide variety of readers can be so passionate about Shakespeare. It certainly came out as each one lended their personal flare to each sonnet. I like to take my young Padawans to these new horizons. Makes me happy.

Also in English Lit, a discussion arose as we reacted to a comment made by the author of our text book while she matter-of-factly asserted that a certain female character in a play would be happier if she were free from her domestic existence. You often hear this train of thought from feminists whether explicitally or implied that a woman is happier if she has the "freedom" to keep or give away her family like a shirt to be worn or traded in on a new one. She can be happy if she only has the "freedom" to "get out of the house and live her own life" and not to let her family hold her back. We talked about that narrow position. Politically correct, but not very representative of many of the women I know.

I'm so happy. Next week, we are going to start studying Hamlet.
::rubs hands together, grinning in anticipation::

Tomorrowat at Butler University, Canny, as a member of the IUK Honors Society, will read an essay she wrote. The essay is a critical analysis of a short story. She was selected to go to this literature conference and represent IUK. Go Canny! She read it to me this morning and I've asked her to read it to my English Lit class next week.

Amy's enjoying her new job at Big Ben's Coffee Shop. (For you Nac people, Big Ben's is very much like Java Jack's.) The idea that one of my children is becoming a coffee-making expert pleases me. You go, girl!

Ben goes to work with his buddies for this local man who always has a lot of outdoor and indoor projects going. His name is Mr. Anderson. ::said in my best Agent Smith voice::

Let's see. Robert still loves his job at the Men's Rescue Mission, and he's always writing sermons and working on other important paperwork. We still get in our walk most days or at least sit out on the patio before he has to leave.

In closing, we talked about figgy pudding in class today. I think I'll entitle my post "Figgy pudding". That way, you'll read the whole thing wondering how figgy pudding will prove to be relevant.

And you won't understand until now. :0D

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