Monday, January 10, 2005

Almost made it to Michigan

Yesterday, Robert preached twice - once for a Sunday morning service and once for an evening service. For the morning service, we traveled to Elkhart, IN, a town in northern Indiana. We were about 10 miles from Michigan which we would have visited if we had had the time. We'll make it up there some day, Lord willing.

After Rob preached, we had lunch with the McCracken's. They are very kind people crowned with a spirit of humility and thoughtfulness. Rev. Bob McCracken is a retired pastor who has pastored churches in the states and overseas. He and his family spent 5 years in Australia and was more than happy to show us the location of his ministry on a map upon our request. (We do love to look at maps so!)

When we arrived home, Rob and I went for a walk down our snowy yet sunny lane. Then I joined Canny and Benny for some good clean fun playing in the snow.

Rob preached for the evening service in our home church in Kokomo. It was a blessed service. Our new friend, Jason Camery, presided over the service. He is the other pastoral intern in our congregation besides Robert. I will never forget the Camerys (Jason and Jenny) for being EXTREMELY helpful and self-sacrificing to us in finding a house in Kokomo and helping us move in and get settled. They were both right there by our side every step of the way.

All in all, it was a blessed Sabbath!

Now for today, we will travel to a nearby town, Carmel, IN, which is about 30-40 miles away for my three kids' private music lessons. Then when we get back, the kids will go to their classical music ensemble rehearsal. This group of approx. 18 homeschooled high schoolers get together once a week under the direction of John Christianson. It has been a great addition to their total music experience.

I usually get some lesson plans lined out during Benny's cello lesson (always multi-tasking :-)

Rob's at his Greek class right now having lots of fun, I'm sure.

Josh is safely back at college starting off his semester with a bang. Hope he's always very good and well behaved just like I taught him.

And so - Monday here I come!

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