Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Studying Hebrew

Hebrew is a blast! Ben and I are taking an ancient Hebrew language class. I probably would have never taken it if were not for the fact that Rob is making his final preparations for the ministry. He studies Greek. I study Hebrew. That's how it fell. That way, I'll be able to help him, down the line.

This class which is offered at our homeschool co-op clips along at a fast-pace. We are reviewing the first year material for the high school students who had already taken Hebrew last year. Ben and I are the greenhorns having never taken Hebrew before, but we're holding our own since we have a really good teacher and classmates who are sharp and helpful. Our Latin background has helped immensely. I know for sure that I would have fallen behind quickly if it weren't for that.

It's a wonderful language. Of course, it's exciting to study the original language of the Old Testament. The letters look like what you would expect from scribes who wrote ancient writings several thousand years ago - a flowing manuscript style. The fact that you read Hebrew from right to left constantly reinforces the concept that you are reading works from a very different culture and time. Cool stuff!


# 47 said...

Yeah, and being around the house where "berasheeth berah eloheem..." goes around (pardon and amateur's attempt!) is cool too. In fact, some of us who study newer, Latin based languages are secretly jealous too! What you won't say over the blog is that you didn't just hold your own last trimester, you made an A! Yup, allot of hard work (I should know, I drove us down to music lessons every week so that you and Ben could study!)

God bless you for studying to show yourself approved, for helping dad, for starting something hard so that the poor may have the gospel preached to them.

Feanor said...

Well some can and some can't I guess. I struggle badly with Spanish! Keep up the good work!