Friday, January 21, 2005

Stringing beads

Since the last post...
Every other Wednesday (don't you always say "wed-nez-day" in your mind when you spell that word?) night we host a home bible study group. So the house gets clean. Every house should come with a set of teenage workers. That way the chores get done in no time. Benny comes in real handy. He shovels snow and he is also the official Wednesday night "chairman" (this means that he takes care of setting up and putting away all the extra chairs). It's a very important job with a very important title.

That reminds me of something I've been thinking about this week.

*Disclaimer: This is a warning. Remember just because you see something written in my blog that doesn't mean that I am necessarily thinking clearly about that subject. (I define clear thinking as being scripturally well grounded.) I write so I can think. Not the other way around. :-) *

Here's a timeline that's like a string of beads - they're next to each other in order, but not necessarily in order.

First bead: Earlier in the week at one of our co-op school devotions, Barry, our pastor, said that what we do in this life is very relevant to eternity since all the ways we think and act in accordance with the mind of Christ better prepares us to serve God in eternity. This idea stuck deep in my heart. I wanted to think about it.

Second bead: Then in my own morning devotion time I was reading Ps. 37 which is packed full of comparisons between the thoughts and actions of the righteous and the wicked resulting in some eternal relevance. Is this an issue of degrees? What's the difference between my whole life which is in Christ and how my temporal, earthly actions affect my eternal life in heaven with Christ?

Third bead: Finally, a couple of nights ago in our home bible study group as we go through the book of Acts, something was brought up from chapter five that ran along with the other thoughts that were streaming through in my head - the importance of heavenly-mindedness.

Fourth bead: Application: I want what I do now to have eternal relevance. I want the person I'm becoming now to have eternal relevance.

I'm sure I'll have more beads to string on this thread later. But for now, thanks for listening.


Feanor said...

Yes, as my freind Andy once said "My parents didn't have kids til they got tired of doing the dishes, ok time to have kids!" lol at least he gets a title, i don't. I imagine someone somewhere has well organized thoughts, but those people are rare and far in between and frankly I'm glad I'm not one of them, it would be boring. I was glad ta listen, thanks for telling!

quirky said...

sounds like a great "neclace" you've got going there. those are all sound like great things to be contemplating. i know i could sure work on the heavenly mindedness thing. you're welcome, for listening! :-b

Megan said...

yes, a lovely necklace indeed. Oh, that this jar of clay is even afforded the opportunity of eternal relevance, eternal value. To love God and enjoy Him forever. What a miracle.

By the way I'm studying Acts this year myself! Just got through taking a brief detour through I & II Thess. and will take up Acts in Ch. 18 this week.

a random ETX comment. Woke up this morning to the sounds of frantic chickens as a coyote was trotting by the bedroom window. Hmmm, better go do a head count. :)

Shiloh said...

Oh, I do miss the coyotes and chickens!