Saturday, January 08, 2005

First ... about the weather

Since we moved from Texas to Indiana five months ago, I've paid more attention to the weather. First off - I was mesmerized with a wonderfully mild and comfortable summer and spring. I smiled gleefully to myself as I thought of the unbelievable stifling heat we'd left behind. I soon became convinced that we had moved to the Kokomo of endless sun and fun referred to in the Beach Boys song. This mild weather stretched on to Thanksgiving and then up to a week before Christmas when we headed south to see our son in college and other family members and friends. I had convinced myself that I was leaving nothing short of an undiscovered tropical paradise.

Then it hit.

We started hearing reports on the National news about a snow storm that hit hard in ... Indiana! Indiana? They must be mistaken! That's not the Indiana I know. In Indiana, it's either perpetually sunny or blazing with awesome fall foliage. I was starting to think that Indiana only had three seasons. I stared at Peter Jennings in disbelief.

But Peter was right. We drove on our two day trek from East Texas back to Kokomo, IN through a world of white dotted with abandoned vehicles along the way who were left to tell the tale. At least the interstate was in good shape by the time we were on it.

We arrived home with a new surprise. We not only lived in a white wonderland, but a thoughtful friend had shoveled our driveway and our entire long sidewalk, too.

We took a night walk around the block to view the snow and the neighbors' Christmas lights. I'm sure we stuck out to the locals. Here we were, a mom & dad, four teenagers (yes our college-aged son is still a teenager!), and my visiting mother-in-law, walking, staring, and laughing with delight to see such glistening, fresh snow on everything.

When we got home we started a fire, checked the cat to make sure his heat lamp was still on and soon made for bed.

Hey, I think I can handle this new kind of weather. Kokomo, I still love you.


Megan said...

Wow! This is really cool. Complete with pictures no less. I like it. You need to blog about your vacation trip. How did it go?

Owen lost his first tooth. Literally. We don't know what happened to make it come out or where it went!?!

Evan has finally learned to put his contacts in! Yeah! Either Jordan or I have been putting them in for him (the people at TSO would be having a cow if they knew). Talk about a bonding experience with your teen!

We discovered our water heater has a leak. One of the pipes on top. Tomorrow Jordan and I finish the installation of a toilet partition job. So does that mean we're all washed up or things are going down the tube?

Shiloh said...

Hope you're photographing all this, Megan !!!

Anonymous said...

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