Thursday, January 27, 2005

"Minutes" take on a whole new meaning

Last night brought a surprise. It all started soon after we arrived at the church building. We were there for our annual congregational business meeting, and since this was the first time I had attended this type of meeting in Kokomo, my interest ran high. Time to sit back and take it all in.

Conversation with self begins:

"Let's see what's going on here. Okay, what do I see. There's Joe Marcisz behind the pulpit opening the meeting with some wise words. He must be presiding over the ... well, um ... proceedings."

*Note to self: I need to study up on business meeting terminology.

"What else? Okay, next to Joe on the podium there sits Denise. She has to be right in front of everyone typing the minutes. Boy, I'm glad that's her up there and not me.

"That was a good Psalm. I love singing God's word. Now we'll sit down and start the business. So there's been a proposal put forth to elect a new congregational chairman. That's Joe's job. I guess we're getting someone new to precide over these ... proceedings. ::rolls eyes:: I hope no one ever discovers how dull I am when I talk to myself.

"That's good. We chose Jason Camery. Wow. Joe steps down right now so Jason can take over. Poor Jason. He wasn't prepared to take over this meeting tonight. ::everyone chuckles:: Oh well, he'll do fine. He's a good sport.

"Wonder what's next? Hum, someone's making a motion that a new congregational secretary be nominated. Somebody else suggested a person.

"... What did they say? Did they say my name? ::pulse quickens:: Now someone's moving to close nominations. It's been seconded. All in favor say i. All opposed. Silence. They're telling me to come up now. What's going on here? Do they want me to get up there in front of everyone and take minutes? Are they crazy?

"Okay calm down, calm down. Just walk up there like you know what you're doing.

"Listen to what Denise is saying to you. Yeah right, Denise, just leave me up here. Wipe that grin off your face. It was a conspiracy and you were in on it - no doubt.

"Okay, okay listen. What are they saying? Focus, focus. ::fingers typing on the keys::

"Hey this isn't so bad. Just concentrate on what you're doing and you won't get nervous."

"You know, come to think of it, if I'm up here doing this that means that nobody else will have to do it. That's a good thought."

Conversation ends.

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# 47 said...

Hehehe!!!!! Sorry but I had the wicked pleasure of watching all this from the sidelines, and you should have seen your face! We were quite poud, but poor Mom blinked and grinned. I think it was a good nomination though and Mr. Visser sounded very confidant and all. :o)

Note to self: I bet that these well-wordy committee men have secretly been "presiding the proceedings" in their own minds for eons now. Anyone can learn useful terms (or even jargon) eventually, but graciously being put on the spot is sumth'n else. You go girl.