Monday, January 24, 2005


We went sledding on Saturday. Here are a few random moments caught in pictures.

Here are the kids at the top of the hill. Candace starts to make her descent.

And she's off. Notice the little yellow sun face paint. This was left over from a costume party the previous night.

Here's our friend, Aaron, going down. And his brother, Luke, going down in a kind of inverted fashion.

Here's Amy and Candace walking back up the hill.

Aaron and his dad, Tom, prepare a jump.

Amy enjoying the out-of-doors.

Here's me and my husband taking a turn. And away we go. Didn't get very far, did we?


quirky said...

awsome! the sledding in the snow looks so fun! in a way i wish it would snow like that here. and in another very different way, especially on the way to 8 o'clock class, i'm very glad the weather isn't like that here. but it looks like everyone is having a great time! later.

Shiloh said...

Yes, we're enjoying the snow as a novelty, but it does make for a bit of a hazard and a mess. A friend of ours from Scotland asked if we were training for the winter olympics and I answered, yes, in the out-of-control-dump-yourself-in-the-snow event.