Saturday, January 07, 2006

Friends, food, Lizzy and Darcy

Picture this -

8 ladies are gathered in one house;

one cute little dog is also present;

salad is tossed;

garlic bread is heated;

manicotti is dined upon;

the first half of Pride and Prejudice, the long version, is watched;

and a delightful little dessert made of a chocolate brownie type substance topped with ice cream and warm chocolate syrup is served.

Note the following:

I suppose this type of female activity is this synonymous with the guys getting together to watch the game.

::Thought interrupts:: Although I must admit a tinge of disappointment because I was not able to watch the Longhorns beat that team from Californy the other night. Oh well, at least I did get to see Lizzy and Mr. Collins banter back and forth. ::Attention turns back to blog::

Fun times from last night.

Candace called from the Grand Canyon a couple of days ago. Good to talk to her, happy she was looking at some of the same places we explored together as a family, wish I could have been there too. She has related through phone calls and text messages that the weeks in Phoenix are flying by and they are chalked full of meaningful experiences. Look forward to hearing all about it on Monday when I pick her up from the airport.

Last week I asked Josh to investigate what kind of preventive medicine he would need before going to South Africa. Then I talked to doctors for more confirmation. Then Rob talked to our doctor in Texas for further confirmation. I feel more relaxed having a consensus of what pills Josh needs to bring to stay healthy while there. It's a mom thing. He now has his plane tickets. He will actually fly from Indy to Chicago (I think), then to a nine hour layover in London, before the last leg to Johannesburg. Humm, wonder what he'll do with a nine hour wait in London? Sounds inviting!

Rob spent a lot of time this week emailing and talking to movers on the phone about how to get us and our stuff to Scotland. All I can say is that I'm extremely happy that he usually handles that type of stuff. Not my cup of tea. He preaches tomorrow morning so please remember him in your prayers.

I'll save the latest news about what's going on with Amy and Ben for another post.

That's all for now. Bye, bye.


Abigail said...

delightful time with the girls! Now THAT is my cup of tea :-)

SOG said...

Wish I had been there for the girls night. Sounds so intresting with Candace and Josh, Amy and Ben too, and all their "goings on."

SOG has a keen interest in these activities - must be LOVE.

And the chocolate stuff sounds wooooondeeerrfullll!